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About the Conference

Theme : Exploring New Information Sources for Business Intelligence

Today Business Intelligence plays an essential role in understanding the target market and the positioning of the products, services and the competition in this market place.Thanks to the latest advances in technology, companies have access to an increasing quantity of data, most of which are unstructured. Moreover, new streams of information such as microblogs and twitter offer unique opportunities to understand current and prospective customers’ behaviour. Leveraging and making sense of this new business world is essential to keep up with competitors and managers need to be aware of the potential encompassed by new and multiple streams of information.

Data Analytics, particularly in the context of Big Data, has become the ‘Mantra’ for the new genre of Data Scientists. It helps organisations to gain insights into their data, and helps them mine for Business Intelligence. Similarly Sentiment Miningrepresents another valuable source of business intelligence and provides the capacity to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.

This conferencejointly and severally presents Data Analytics and Sentiment Mining. We explore how data analytics impacts businesses, also considering its connections with predictive analytics and the new area of real-time analytics. We then focus on the foundations of sentiment mining and some of its applications. The conference features presentations by subject experts as well as case studies; there are also interactive panels for attendees to engage with the presenters and bring their issues tothepanellists.

High quality speakers’ presentations and panel discussions make this the perfect opportunity for both new-comers and experts. The conference is characterised by a compact format: a single track, one-day event covering two important information sources for business intelligence. As a consequence, the event not only provides attendees with the opportunity to learn more with less time out of the office, but it also offers a more varied networking experience.

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP - 16 September 2015, Chicago


Topic : TBC
Speaker : Aaron Burciaga, INFORMS

Topic : The New Best Practices for Extracting Maximum Measurable Financial Value from Marketing Using Big Data Analytics
Speaker : Bill Harvey, Co-Founder and Chairman, Research Measurement Technologies


Topic : Compositional Sentiment Analysis and Deep Learning
Speaker : Stephen Pulman, Oxford University/TheySay Analytics

Topic : Text and Network Analysis for Sentiment Mining
Speaker : Enza Messina, Professor, Department of Informatics Systems & Communication (DISCo) – University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy

Topic : Detection of Fake or Deceptive Opinions
Speaker : Bing Liu, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

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Data Analytics & Sentiment Mining, USA 2015

Why Attend The WCNGT India

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Come to Data Analytics to learn about opportunities in Business, Technology and Analytics. This event would ensure following takeaways:
  • Collect, sort and store massive quantities of structured and unstructured data.
  • Process real-time data pouring into your organization
  • Master Big Data tools and technologies like Hadoop, Map/Reduce, hbase, Cassandra, NoSQL databases and more!
  • Learn how to integrate data collection technologies with data analytics and predictive analysis tools to produce the kind of workable information and reports your organization needs!
  • Looking for Hadoop training? We have instructor led Hadoop Tutorial for beginners (1 day) and Certification in Hadoop for developers (3 days) lined up for you
  • Understand HOW to leverage Big Data to help your organization today