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About The conference

Cloud and Big Data Conference, Zurich Switzerland : IT's Two most Emerging Technologies.

Theme : Cloud Computing: Opportunities, Issues, and Challenges & Big Data Innovation: Driving Business Success.

Cloud Computing Track: 19th November 2014
Big Data Track: 20th November 2014

Cloud Computing is one of the most talked about emerging technology trends today for its potential to be a "disruptive" technology. It has started to obtain mass appeal in corporate data centers as it enables the data center to operate like the Internet through the process of enabling computing resources to be accessed and shared as virtual resources in a secure and scalable manner.

In recent years, "Big Data" has become a new ubiquitous term. Big Data is transforming science, engineering, medicine, healthcare, finance, business, and ultimately society itself. For businesses of all sizes, big data can be hard to collect, analyze, visualize, and process; and the information places tremendous stress on networks, storage, and servers, which is why cloud computing has become an increasingly attractive solution.

The goal of the "Cloud and Big Data Conference, Switzerland" is to address the unique challenges and opportunities of cloud computing for emerging markets and Big Data Innovation for driving business. It brings together leading Cloud and Big data technology companies and the developer/ Professional community to exchange their ideas with the practical application and utilization of Cloud Computing and Big Data.

UNICOM is organizing two days "Cloud and Big data Conference" in Zurich, Switzerland held on 19th and 20th of November 2014. This conference is expected to have fantastic speakers with great presentation topics, covering emerging technologies like, cloud as different services, mobile cloud, cloud for Big Data, cloud Applications, Cloud quality and security management, cloud migration, cloud DevOps, Big Data Strategy, Big data Organization and Storage, Big Data Deployment and management etc.

The surest way to get yourself and your company fully "Cloud-ready" and to understand why Big Data is going mainstream is by attending Cloud and Big Data Conference, Switzerland 2014.

Big Data Conference, Switzerland 2014

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50+ delegates from around the Switzerland are expected to benefit from this event. Attendee profile is expected to be similar to those who attended our Past Big Data Conferences 2013.
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