Big Data Conference 2014 brings to you...

  • 6+ Presentations
  • Powerpacked panel session
  • Single Track Focus
  • 6+ Speakers
  • Networking Sessions


About The conference

Cloud and Big Data Conference : IT's Two most Emerging Technologies.
Theme : Big Data Innovation: Driving Business Success.

UNICOM: Big Data Conference, South Africa

UNICOM is organizing a series of Conference on Big Data called "Big Data Innovation", exploring the depth and breadth of Big Data across all practices and perspectives. We intend to cover Big Data Analytics in depth this time.

Our Big Data Conferences are unique opportunity for all executive and professionals involved in data storage, data management and data analysis to gather and discuss how companies can effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in the enterprise. With a focus on best practices, our events allow attendees to explore strategies and technologies surrounding real-time data processing, data protection and privacy, meeting industry regulations and compliance, and data storage.

We will line up best speakers and the sessions & networking will be of the highest order. Our Conferences provide you the opportunity to meet Big Data experts, attend keynote presentation, and participate in interactive sessions and network with experienced Business and Technical practitioners.
You'll experience a complete technical immersion, shared with a developer and Professional community that is passionate about all exciting developments in the Big Data.

Big Data Conference, South Africa 2014

Why Attend The WCNGT India

Speaker submissions for Big Data Innovation Conference, South Africa 2014 are now being accepted.


50+ delegates from around the South Africa are expected to benefit from this event. Attendee profile is expected to be similar to those who attended our Past Big Data Conferences 2013.
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