Why Big Data Conference in INDIA?


India is reaching an age of data explosion, but this data is not being used to its full capacity and there is a lack of data-driven decision-making.

Most data available today is in an unstructured format and there is an immense need to automate data structuring to help businesses analyse it in a better way and make better decisions. Big Data helps businesses organise their data, analyse it and use it to make better, more informed decisions.

Early adopters of Big Data are demonstrating that they can gain competitive advantage by being able to take action based on timely, relevant, complete and accurate information rather than guesswork.

According to recent reports, this year, IT spending in India will increase by 23% CAGR to over $43 billion with a major push by new technologies like cloud and Big Data. Spending on Big Data technologies in India is expected to grow to US$680 million by 2015, more than double the amount that was spent in 2011 as the industry is preparing for huge growth and adoption of the technology over the next 2-3 years.

IQPC’s Big Data Business Forum India has been created to profile and define the key challenges associated with Big Data and technologies that help overcome these challenges.

This dynamic event will address the crucial challenges related with handling and processing huge data sets, especially in data-intensive industries like telecom, BFSI, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, organised retail, e-commerce and research.