Top Reasons To Attend TechnoConf !

This Track concentrates on practical applications and exploitation of big data. It aims to cut through the marketing hype and help participants understand
The pro's and con's of the new and powerful analytic tools (both open source and proprietary)
- Security & governance issues
- Special areas of application
- Emerging challenges for CIO’s and information professionals

Mobility Track gives you the most comprehensive view of the tools and technologies that are solid part of Mobility.
- Digital technology as strategic investment
- Clear focus and aggressive approach in the area of mobility
- Mobility is thwarted on a daily basis
- Strategic approach to mobility
- Mobile User ExperienceDates of Conference
- Apps or Web-based technologies for Our Mobile App Development

- Connect and network with buyers, vendors, analysts and developers
- Explore the ROI potential of true cloud deployment and adoption
- Experience successful cloud migrations and integrations
- Identify the key trends transforming and driving cloud and big data
- Get up to speed on cloud technology without being an engineer
- Align your cloud strategy with overall business goals
- Improve your ability to manage multiple vendors across multiple clouds

- Meet a great amount of suppliers, clients and more in 1 day.
- Get up-to-date on the latest industry developments and innovations.
- Enhance your market intelligence by getting new insights.
- Develop your technical knowledge.
- Expand your network. Talk to future new clients, and start new partnerships with other professionals or innovative startups.
- Learn how other professionals create new solutions, ideas and creative ways to support their business model.
- Exposure. Spread information about your business, while sharing knowledge.
- Find out what your competitors are up to and learn ways to better support your own business.
- New clients. Find companies that need your company’s products and services