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Letter From Chair Person

We are happy to announce a series of Conference on Big Data called "India Analytics & Big Data Week 2015". In this event, we will organize one conference on each day in one city, featuring 7 different locations, exploring the depth and breadth of Big Data across all practices and perspectives. We intend to cover Big Data Analytics in depth this time.

  • Pune, Hyderabad & Chennai - 17th Jan,
  • Delhi - 28th Jan,
  • Mumbai - 3rd Feb,
  • Bangalore - 5th & 6th Feb

Theme:  "Nail the strategy. Nurture the culture. Access the goldmine"
"Enough talking about Big Data, Learn how to DO IT at India Big Data Summit"

With respect to our conference theme, We would like you to participate & Submit Whitepapers / Research Findings with Case studies for presentations at India Big Data Week 2015 & get a chance to meet Big Data experts....

Please find our topics related to the theme of the conference; kindly use the online form to submit your paper.
Deadline for the submission of call for papers will close on Dec 05, 2014..

Note: : In general we value technical and practical presentations (e.g. supported by demos) more than theoretical ones (theoretical proposals will be evaluated only if really innovative).


There shall be no financial remuneration.

Shortlisted Presenter shall be granted a free pass and the Co-presenter shall need to register at 50% of the list price.

  • Acknowledgement by the industry.
  • Projection of yourself as a thought leader in respective community.
  • Identification of your company excelling in cloud implementation.
  • Certificate of Speaker will be provided.
  • Networking opportunity with the best in the industry.
  • International recognition.
  • Your name and profile will be featured on our website.
  • We will also be conducting an aggressive PR and Social Media campaign, designed to increase interest in the conference and your presentation
  • Your session information will be part of the printed Official Conference Guide and Mobile Conference Guide.
  • In addition, your name, biography, and session description will be available online.

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