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About The conference

UNICOM's Big Data Analytics Day – 2015 is multi speaker knowledge forum aimed to provide practical knowledge. The first Big Data Analytics Day will happen in Bangalore with focus on fundamentals in Data Analytics, Data Science, data storage, data securities and data management. This event is aimed to provide technical knowledge to data scientist, Architect, Developers, Analyst, Executive and Project Managerswho are working or intend to work in Big Data projects.

This is a Certification led event to help the delegates build foundation knowledge on Big Data Analytics.

Key Topics (Agenda)

  • Introduction
  • Integrating Big Data Analytics into the Enterprise
  • Tools and Techniques for Analyzing Big Data
  • Big Data Platforms and Storage Options
  • Big Data Integration And Governance in a Multi-Platform Analytical Environment
  • Analytics Project Methodology
  • Implementing Analytics within Your Organization
Important Dates :
Apache Hadoop Day - 27th August
Big Data Analytics Day - 27th August
NoSQL Day - Comparison of Different Database - 28th August

Big Data Analytics Day, Bangalore 2015

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